Dr David Ireland


David works to empower people and organisations to deliver profound and positive impact, employing his long experience in innovation policy, strategy and design thinking. His focus is helping people and organisations turn values-driven ideas into reality.

His effectiveness in this comes not just from his intellect having completed several university degrees in business, science, and innovation related disciplines, but also his background working across business, academia and public policy, which allows him to be effective in multistakeholder and interdisciplinary contexts.

David has almost 20 years’ experience ranging as a research scientist, entrepreneur, investor, policy maker, company director, and consultant. In each of these areas he has been both a leader and trusted advisor.

David has co-founded and invested in several technology businesses, in fields including digital, finance, oil and gas, and aquaculture. He is a board member of several not-for-profit organisations, is an Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland teaching entrepreneurship, a sought-after facilitator, mentor, and presenter on innovation related themes.

Whether running technology accelerator programs, working with partners to develop new innovation methodologies capable of addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, or facilitating interactions between businesses and public sector organisations to develop new policies around complex challenges, David is comfortable working with the diversity and ambiguity inherent to innovation. David has dual PhDs in science and business, a range of post graduate qualifications in executive leadership and governance, and a long history of successful start-ups. In 2015, he was recognised as one of the world’s top 50 most talented social entrepreneurs by CSR Global.

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