Dr Nina Terrey

CHIEF Methodologist

Nina is passionate about giving people agency to make positive change for good. She believes that people have the capacity to collaborate and achieve impact together. Her commitment to co-design as a tool for empowerment means she works with people at all levels of a system: organisational leaders and teams, frontline workers, citizens and industry organisations.

Nina is a world leader in co-design, system-wide innovation, capability development and the implementation of complex projects impacting organisations and society. She works with leaders who want to achieve change through the agency of their staff, stakeholders and with the citizens that engage with them. She brings a mastery in design, facilitation and collaboration that instils confidence in people to think creatively and to act confidently.

Nina has been pioneering new design methods in innovation at scale, in sectors such as renewable energy and health. These projects are creating new understandings of the dynamics of complex systems, and how multi-stakeholders can work together to create small scale actions and longer term futures for larger system change.

Nina has been at the forefront of design thinking in the public sector for the last decade. One of her major contributions is putting design thinking in governance on the global academic map, through her PhD research ‘Managing by Design’. Nina is an academic Associate Professor at the University of Canberra Australia, and she regularly speaks at international conferences on design in complex governance contexts.

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